The new professional social network, which goes beyond your curriculum.

Imagine one autumn morning at first hour:

You connect to and prepare a your favorite coffee ...

In front of you opens the wall of your new office / house / meeting place.

You can see your friends, their publications and news (customers, suppliers, distributors, collaborators, partners of paddle, partners)

your stakeholders ( involved in your company)

And you quietly report everything.

Then jump to your work area, with your zip code, to see that it is cooked in the last days in your "work zone" for example in the postal code 28100 Alcobendas.

There you find the information ordered by zone according to date of publication, you will see your friends and all that public information of the zone.

A few minutes later, you jump into your communities - workgroups -

To see what has been published in the college of engineers, architects, or auto-mobile activity.

All this information appears ordered according to your interests (friends, zone or groups)

This is the new professional social network that allows you to inform, promote, transfer projects, prepare new actions and open new markets.

Our maximum is: Confidential, Professional and European.

We are the 1st confidential social network and therefore do not "traffic with your data", Professional because we communicate - we talk about our work (beyond our curriculum), and European because we have personal and professional values.

- We like:

To introduce ourselves,

Request information politely,

Ask please

Contact and follow contacts and friendships

Collaborate and comunicate our new projects.

What you get from ?

0.- Real business generation

1.- Oriented to the information and the contents (NOT SALES nor promos of price)

2.- Information by proximity and interest

3.- Generates brand and digital reputation

4.- Establish bidirectional communication

5.- It is a source of generation of quality contacts (projects and billing)

6.- Saving of costs and time of management

At the moment we are in the test phase: Phase beta.

Soon we will be 100% operational: You can sign up now, and ask a lot of companies and professionals for friendship.

We advise you to study the network before starting to publish.

On the other hand on September 22, coinciding with the fall, we will be 100% operational with profiles, communities, groups etc ...

We are waiting for you at


Are already 22939 registered companies

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