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On November 16th we will celebrate the VII Forum Immoscòpia in the AXA Auditorium. During the day you will enjoy the lectures of the four guest speakers, a special professional networking for APIs, promoters, architects and professionals linked to the real estate sector.

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Day: November 16th, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.

Where: Auditori AXA (hall and auditorium)

Directed to: Real estate - financial sector and those linked to the real estate sector. CEO, CFO, managers, professionals from the sector and from all over Catalonia, taking into account priority criteria for companies in the real estate sector.


Places limited to 150 professionals. With priority to the companies and professionals linked to members of the Real Estate Agents Associacion of Catalonia (API). 5 meetings will be scheduled per participating company as a minimum.


The goal is to promote cohesion and cooperation in the real estate sector throughout Catalonia, where entrepreneurs and professionals create a cooperation network, with the following objectives:


1. Facilitate qualitative contacts with the different actors of the real estate value chain.


2. Facilitate a business framework to start new projects among professionals and companies in the value chain of the real estate sector.


3. Develope meetings, seeking solutions, as well as promoting the creation of sectoral and / or intersectoral networks.


4. New technologies and business cooperation.



Each participating company will have a personalized meeting schedule according to the criteria specified in the registration, closing 8-12 interviews.


The Getting Contacts! Methodology will be used, where each company will receive a careful agenda of minimum 4 and maximum of 8 contacts and will have the opportunity to present their company, products and / or services and expose their interests of inter-company collaboration.

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