Revised August 2022 (post pandemic).

Since 2007 more than 1.500 k meetings between companies.

0. Getting contacts! was a dream, now is our way of life.
1000 Getting contacts! it’s a lot and it’s nothing. We want to make 1000 all around the world. Come with us!

1. We believe in cooperation between companies and people.
Cooperation is the best tool against the crisis in 2008, against the pandemic in 2020-2022,against the war and the 2022 crisis. This is our biggest contribution: experts in creating effective cooperation. US is always smarter than I.

2. Cooperation starts with people.
It expresses networking at companies and its professionals. The shortest distance to know someone, to reach an agreement, to start a business, it’s a smile.

3. Quality is measured every day, in every gesture.
We work on every Getting contacts! with the experience from the last and the excitement from the first.
We said this in 2008: as it was the last to leave a good memory and with the excitement from the first!

4. We have dreams because we have projects!
The future is written by us all.

5. Applied creativity
Is like yeast to bread, just as simple, just as effective.

6. We are professionals
We do rigorous work, we’re an open book and our best reward is personal, we’re passionate about people. Nothing excites us more than receiving appreciation and improvement e-mails.

7. New technologies bring people closer
As the bees sow life by pollinating flowers, that ‘s simple and effective. In 2020 we were among the firsts to adapt ourselves to a global pandemic,on March 17th we performed our first virtual gettingcontacts and now we’re a 100% hybrid.

8. Our work shows a way to be
That’s the reason to have 80 vacation days a year + long weekends + bank holidays. Since 2007 we work in open teams, from our homes and we meet to chat more than coordinate.


9. In the face of new
Development and people, we DARE! We dare with almost everything.

10. Our best advertisement is YOUR RECOMMENDATION.
As the ants create paths to warn their partners, simple and effective.

11. We don’t give company presents
We remember our friends when we come back from a trip or the summer arrives.