A gettingcontacts is worth 5 days of work.

Hold an average of 10 meetings a day with different companies.

  • New Card “Connect & Prosper” exclusive to Getting Contacts!
    WHY? After 15 years dedicated to the world of networking, professional public relations and the generation of synergies in gairbé all sectors, we have come to the conclusion that there are garbage processes that can all be improved. The traditional card exchange process works, and works well. However, how many times has it happened to … Read more
  • Lets start GC of 2023! First stop, Molins de Rei al Connecta Molins
    From Gettingcontacts we face 2023 with new challenges and full of new positive reasons to move forward over the next 12 months, which will surely be very different from the previous 12. The advances in trends that will surprise you this coming year will be seen in quantum computing, virtual reality, Wifi 7, biomedicine, energy … Read more