Type of events

We have 15 years of experience, more than 360 events and we’ve made meetings between more than 25.000 companies.

There are different types of events Getting contacts! Choose the one you’re interested in the most:

Municipal and regional Getting contacts!

You want to know the companies in a specific area? 

This is the best way to have access to the companies and professionals from a city or region.

In our Municipal – Regional events, you can find the companies that represent the population in that area the most.

With an average of 55 companies each event. The most representative companies and Business Associations are invited personally by the city council that hosts the event. Those Getting contacts meetings are 100% free, sponsored by the city council and it’s collaborators.


For the city

Boost the local economy + cooperation between business men + promotion + +create jobs and businesses

For the participants

Find new customers, Vendors, Associates, Distributors, Open New zones, Spawn new projects

Sectoral Getting contacts!

Are you a specialist, do you work or have interest in a specific area? 

In these gettin contacts! you shall obtain quality contacts from a business section, you’ll establish new relationships and businesses.

The admission to those Sectoral Getting contacts! is really strict and depends on an evaluation commission to each company and professional.

Sectoral Getting contacts examples:


  • Food with designation of origin value chain
  • Agricultural producers: breeders, canning factories , organic food processing.
  • Distribution chain: specialist trade, catering, hotel business, cluster.
  • Logistics: cold chain, warehouses, distributors


  • Machined, Press, Welding, Coating, Engineering.
  • Export metal and contract experts, wholesale distributor.
  • Faucet makers + metal companies and others


  • Soft + hard companies – distributors
  • Soft – apps – security– networks- bbdd technician
  • Experts in  positioning– webs
  • Mobility and devices technician


  • Expert technician companies 
  • Mobility and devices technician
  • Companies, customers, chargers

Getting contacts! Casual monthly beer

Each month we host a casual multisectoral gettingcontacts where you can find new companies.

We do Company – Getting contacts! Start ups