What is

First networking with personalized meeting agenda in the UE.

To participate in one Getting contacts! is the equivalent of 5 working days.

For more than 15 years we’ve been connecting companies and professionals to create business and new projects.

We’re the first networking encounter with a personalized agenda. 

We’re a real project market.

Getting Contacts!

It’s the original networking event using an agenda of one to one meetings. Our methodology is unique.

We create a personalized agenda for each participant according to their interests.

This allows about 10-25 highly effective interviews per day to be carried out by each participant.

Out methodology is original and unique in the EU and its effectivity is widely proven: 28.000 registered companies and 370 editions since 2007 to:

  • Conduct quality interviews between entrepreneurs for their interests.
  • Obtaining new contacts to expand their business.
  • Develop new projects with professionals, entrepreneurs, administrations and associations.

Why should I participate in Getting contacts!©?

  • Obtain quality interviews with other companies and professionals according to your interests.
  • In each edition there are new contacts to expand your business: customers, vendors, collaborators, associates.
  • Access to new projects with entrepreneurs, administrations and business associations.
  • Promote your company in 3 levels: Companies Customers and vendors / Distribution / Collaboration.

In turn, you’re facilitating:

The cooperation between entrepreneurs and professionals by proximity or in their target sector: You’re meeting other entrepreneurs to build relations and business.

GettingContacts!  it’s a project market and an actualization of your company in a 100%, getting access to:

  • New customers
  • New vendors
  • New products and services
  • New associates
  • New projects
  • Access to new business platforms and administration.

Getting contacts! gives you the highest profitability in a networking event:

You’ll conduct 10 to 15 effective interviews in a working day (4-5 hours).

3 days before the event – (after closing and classifying all the inscriptions) you’ll receive in your email your personal contact agenda + a list with the participant companies + your personal credentials. 

This way you’ll know the companies in your agenda and the 100% of the attending companies to the Getting contacts!© event.

You’ll conduct quality interviews:

  • Knowing beforehand the interviews and the companies – PREPARATION
  • Preparing your presentations – interviews – ANALYSIS – INFORMATION
  • Preparing the information (shows, P Poing, etc). – PRESENTATION

Concrete results:

  • 50 participants on average per session. 
  • Half day event is comparable to 5 working days.
  • The average number of interviews of one participant per day is about 12.3 interviews.

Since 2007 our basis is the cooperation between companies! Our best means to create new projects and create a future.

The high effectiveness in Getting contacts! events is achieved thanks to:

    Networking guaranteed. Through the prior knowledge of the participants and their interview agenda.
    Our methodology is ours and original, a vastly proven formula.
    It allows you to prepare the interviews. Your agenda contacts. 

In all the Getting Contacts! events you’ll have:

  • Contacts agenda.
  • List of participants, we estimate that you’ll have a minimum of 70% of effective contacts..
  • Training on how to develop the day.
  • A team of professionals widely experienced.
  • Experienced facilitators (PR) that will help you make your day highly effective.

Remember: 2-3 days before the GC! You’ll receive in your email your contact agenda with the programmed interviews, specifying the company name and the shared interest.

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