Lets start GC of 2023! First stop, Molins de Rei al Connecta Molins

The entire GC team wishes you that you have started the new year with the same strength and enthusiasm as all of us. This past 2022 has been the year of the pandemic coming out, the year of reopening and a return to normality. It has also been a very turbulent year for all the families and for businesses in many ways and for various reasons. But this is already part of history.

From Gettingcontacts we face 2023 with new challenges and full of new positive reasons to move forward over the next 12 months, which will surely be very different from the previous 12. The advances in trends that will surprise you this coming year will be seen in quantum computing, virtual reality, Wifi 7, biomedicine, energy technologies and many other areas that improve our lives a little more every day.

We inaugurate the new season with the first GC! of the year in Molins de Rei on January 31, coinciding with the traditional Candelera Fair. We will approach it from a professional and business point of view as we have always done, looking for these synergies between companies, institutions, associations and administrations that we already tell you that will be essential to safely navigate 2023, obtain results and be prepared to face changes. that they come

We know that it will be a year full of business opportunities and if the previous stage has left us something, it is to remind us of the need we have to meet face to face, shake hands, hug or talk while looking into the eyes because these opportunities that are materialize make us happier.

So you will see that there is a little surprise with which we want to thank you for all the efforts made to 2022 and celebrate the first successes of 2023, which you will undoubtedly begin to build in the first GC! of the year.

At the end of the qualitative Networking with personalized agendas and 1-on-1 meetings, thanks to the courtesy of the Department of Economic Promotion of the Molins de Rei City Council and the Hotel Ibis Barcelona Molins de Rei, we will have a fantastic Afterwork, relaxed and fun, with the work done.

In the section -Days- you will find all the details.

Will you miss the toast?

See you soon. A hug and… Cheers!