Maximize the possibilities that gettingcontact offers.

Publicize your company to the gettingcontacts community.

  1. Publicize your company.
  2. Create a commercial image: create your visit cards and your team’s, share them by whatsapp, telegram, etc.
  3. Everything in place: administrate Your profile, Your information; your contacts and promotions.

Offer special deals to engage with new customers, contact with vendors, associates – collaborators.

Some success examples:

  • Special promotion gettingcontacts the 1st service has a 15% discount.
  • Special promotion gettingcontacts first 10 units free of charge.
  • Special promotion of analysis, assessment and budget 100% free.
  • We search distributors, special commissions 10% + 5% (1st year)

You can show the expiration date of these promotions or extend them.
We recommend that they don’t last longer than 2 months and that you actualize them.
Accompany the description of your promotion with a photo.