Companies and Purpose Economy

Welfare and Businesses with Proposition Barcelona · 25 of April 23 10:00h
Teb Cooperative Group meetings

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We interconnect companies with values to get closer to the economy of purpose.
1st meeting of the purpose-built companies cycle ECONOMY OF PURPOSE

“The leading character of the 20th-century economy, the homo economicus, presents a pitiful portrayal of humanity: he is alone, with money in his hand, a calculator in his head, the ego in his heart and nature at his feet. The more we are told that we are like this, the more we become this character, to the detriment of our communities and the planet, but human nature is much richer as revealed by the emerging sketches of our new self-portrait: we seek reciprocity, we are interdependent, people committed to what surrounds us.

It is time to put this new portrayal of humanity at the heart of economic theory so that the economy can start to nurture the best of human nature. Doing so will give us the best chance to thrive together.”
Author: Kate Raworth The Rosquilla Economy

1st Meeting People Welfare and Work April 25, 2023
Welfare: Is welfare measurable?
What is happiness?
Can you get happiness at work?
Does welfare attract talent?
What is a talentless company?
How can we communicate to our human teams the importance of inclusive, diverse and purposeful work?

On this first collaborative day, we will bring together professionals from the HRH, managers and local administrations to move the latest trends in welfare and work.

We will count on the conference – collaboration of Felicicat, Eduard Alcaráz, its CEO, will pass on:
1 How to measure the well-being of our teams of people
2 To where companies go for purpose
3 How to locate companies for purpose?
4 What are the tangible benefits of company welfare

Program and collaborative getcontacts: PURPOSEFUL COMPANIES
09:45 h Arrival and accreditation
10:00 h Welcome coffee and informal networking
10:30 h Conference of Happiness, a state within everyone’s reach?
11:00 h Pause Breakfast. Solidary ticket 5€
11:45 h Networking with collaborative meeting agenda
12:30 h Group Creation and visit the facilities of TEB Barcelona
13:30 h End of the day

TEB Special Work Center with 650 workers, with specialisation in publishing, logistics, cosmetics, food (IFS certification) and paint factory, gardening, cleaning, last mile transport, mushroom farm.

The purpose of the TEB is to include people with intellectual disabilities in society so that people have an autonomous life, be independent both at a personal and economic level.

Work is one of the main axes for people with intellectual disabilities to achieve this degree of autonomy and this was the foundational idea of the organisation 65 years ago. Taler (work) Escola (formation) Barcelona. The model puts people in the center and from there a 360º project is built.

FELICICAT Specialists in Measuring and Implementing Welfare in Businesses

GETTINGCONTACTS Specializing in Networking and Commercial Enhancement With 400 days and 25,000 companies.

Gettingcontacts will streamline the meeting by organising a personal meeting schedule for each participant, with the aim of generating and promoting collaboration between all participants.

Next Meetings:
2nd Day Persons of values and personal value June 2023
Inclusion and diversity in companies
3rd Day People Regeneration of environment September 2023
Regenateur companies: People and environment improvement

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